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Dec 29, 2023

Sarah and Carrie celebrate the new year with 2018's New Year, New You. We've got bottomless champagne, charcuterie, everything's vegan, organic, gluten free, DF, and of course Very Very Vegetable juice. Happy New Year!

Dec 15, 2023

Sarah and Carrie are joined by director and co-writer Jenn Wexler and co-writer Sean Redlitz to discuss their film The Sacrifice Game, which arrived on Shudder this past Friday just in time for the holidays! We get the inside scoop on gingerbread, the details on an extremely tense Christmas dinner scene, pie crust tips,...

Dec 1, 2023

Sarah and Carrie are joined by Nathan Simmons of the Video Monsters Podcast to talk 2017's Mercy Christmas! There's cannibalism! Plus egg nog, gingerbread men, rolling pins, mincemeat, and more.

Nov 17, 2023

Sarah and Carrie are joined by Violet Burns to talk Raw (2016). Cannibalism, shwarma, vegitarianism, bad parenting, and more! 

Oct 20, 2023

Sarah and Carrie discuss 2023's Cobweb (we love it). We talk cozy horror, pumpkins, cinnamony rat poison, creepy cupcakes, mash potato faces, teacher lounge burritos and drink storage, Costco shopping, sad soup, and more!