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May 13, 2022

Sarah and Carrie are back to discuss Tilbury (1987), the wacky Icelandic movie and first of our May folk horror films. We've got lots of milk, lots of butter, Cadbury chocolate, fork stabbing and more! 

Mar 4, 2022

Sarah and Carrie discuss Fresh, available on Hulu today - so since it's so new we changed it up and are spoiler free. (Not spoiled. Just Fresh). However, there's still plenty to talk about - meet cutes, cotton candy grapes, Manhattans with lots of cherries, bad dates, and more! 

Feb 11, 2022

Sarah and Carrie are joined by Miranda Enzor to talk about The Love Witch! There's Victorian tea rooms, love potions, onions and potatoes, hot dogs under the bed, witchy party food, raspberry sauce and more.

Feb 4, 2022

Sarah and Carrie are joined by Mikey Peralta Jr. to talk about the 2017 Brazilian film, Good Manners! We talk meat bags in the fridge, stolen microwaves, leafy greens, harvest festivals, corn cakes, pregnancy drinking, pinenuts, guarana soda, and more.

Jan 21, 2022

Sarah and Carrie continue their Miyazaki month with Spirited Away! There's spirit food, roasted newt, greedy No-Face, tea and cake, and we really get into the onigiri of it all.