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Dec 31, 2021

Instead of the typical top 5 lists for the year, we did "Discoveries" lists, which was mostly excellent indie movies that need attention from Sarah, and a some old/some new list from Carrie. All in all, it was quite a year but we watched some amazing things, cooked some delicious food, and wish you all a happy new year!!

Dec 10, 2021

Sarah and Carrie are joined by Zac Morris to talk Krampus! So much gingerbread, holiday baking, macaroni and hotdogs, gravlax, lots of eggnog, and some cute Easter eggs (or in this case, Halloween eggs). 

Dec 3, 2021

Sarah and Carrie are joined by Brett Petersel to discuss the copious amounts of food in American psycho - from the many pretentious dishes to the desperately coveted restaurant reservations, score that table at Dorsia and join us for a delicious chat. 

Nov 19, 2021

Sarah and Carrie discuss the latest Paranormal Activity movie (although discuss if it counts), and even though it takes place in March, it's always Thanksgiving in Amish country. We talk Froot Loops, schnitzel and sausage, potato peeling, Denny's, and more!

Nov 5, 2021

Sarah and Carrie are joined by director Erick Lorinc to talk about The Last Thanksgiving (2020). We've got cannibal pilgrims, diners, BLT's, whisk death, cleavers, and don't forget....the gravy pit. Happy Thanksgiving!