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Feb 23, 2024

Sarah and Carrie round out love month with Twilight (2008) - and there is a LOT of food. Cafeteria scenes, Diet Pepsi and Renier beer, Bella's ketchup techniques, vampire regurgitation, Italiano, full celery sticks, and more! 

Feb 9, 2024

Sarah and Carrie are ready for Valentine's day with 2001's Valentine - there's REAL chicken wings, lots of OJ, everyone always puts potatoes and onions together, bad date food, and lots and lots of champagne! 

Jan 26, 2024

Sarah and Carrie have the annual Ghibli palette cleanser, this time with 2008's Ponyo. There's steamy ramen, hamless sandwiches, soup, greens, foamy beer, and of course HAM! 

Jan 5, 2024

Sarah and Carrie recount their favorite films from 2023 (and the end of 2022, oops) as well as a few first-time discoveries! Happy New Year everyone, here's to a cinematic 2024 🎉 

Dec 29, 2023

Sarah and Carrie celebrate the new year with 2018's New Year, New You. We've got bottomless champagne, charcuterie, everything's vegan, organic, gluten free, DF, and of course Very Very Vegetable juice. Happy New Year!