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Jun 13, 2022

It's a big one! Sarah and Carrie delve into The Shining, and lots of insight into Stephen King's food philosophy!

Jan 22, 2021

Sarah and Carrie interview Josh Ruben! All about toxic masculinity, stage plays, lots of Stephen King recipes, and pizza. 

Jan 15, 2021

Sarah and Carrie are joined by Stephen King expert from the YouTube channel The Horror Show, Jaime en Fuego! We discuss fortune cookies, cursed pie, corncob stabbings, hotel ice cream, and more of the little food details peppered throughout King's work. 

Jan 1, 2021

We're discussing the 1990 Stephen King adaptation of Misery, in which Kathy Bates' amazing portrayal of Annie Wilkes gives us institutional brown trays, Eggs a la Annie, Meatloaf with SPAM for extra zip, and the only pronunciation of Dom Perignon we will accept. Plus some very sweet family cookbook details.